he who seeks truth… in apartment buildings

By far, one of the highlights of the American Institute of Architects 2015 National Convention was Moshe Safdie’s acceptance of the Gold Medal Award. Safdie’s work strikes the difficult balance between sensitivity and scale, between humane and replicable.

In this TED talk from 2014, Safdie shares design and planning lessons learned over nearly fifty years, beginning with Habitat ’67 and spanning to projects currently under construction in Singapore. Though he discusses low and middle income housing throughout this video, his focus is on nature and shared spaces, underlying the lack of ego with which Safdie approaches architecture.

He who seeks truth shall find beauty
He who seeks beauty shall find vanity

He who seeks order shall find gratification
He who seeks gratification shall be disappointed

He who considers himself a servant of his fellow beings shall find the joy of self expression
He who seeks self expression shall fall into the pit of arrogance

Arrogance is incompatible with nature
Through nature, the nature of the universe and the nature of man, we shall seek truth
If we seek truth we shall find beauty
-Moshe Safdie

linking housing to development at aia atlanta

It isn’t a coincidence that as even naysayers admit the economic recession is over in the US, conversations linking housing to a wide range of ramifications (especially health outcomes) are on the rise. Government funding priorities will be shifting quickly in coming years, and it is important that housing not be pigeon-holed as a single funding use, but an investment with long and wide ranging returns. In particular, economic development could lead the charge by rallying around housing as a priority that supportsĀ a capable work force, attracts new businesses, and could potentially stem the tide of declining populations in rural areas.

You can be a part of this conversation at the AIA National Convention in Atlanta next week by joining “The Role of Housing Design in Community and Economic Development” pre-convention workshop, or some of the other events shown on the postcard below.