The lessons we learn form the platform from which we view the world and interact with those around us. As evidenced by the Industrial Revolution, the sharing of knowledge allows both individuals and communities opportunities for growth that would not otherwise be possible. I am passionate about the importance of education, and after studying architecture first at Arizona State University and then at the University of Cincinnati, I am continuing to seek out knowledge in the university setting and beyond.

teaching My first teaching opportunities came from the University of Cincinnati. During the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship, the Carl Small Town Center at Mississippi State University offered me the opportunity to continue to collaborate with students to discover and grow. Today, through Delta DB, opportunities to lead youth in the Mississippi and Arkansas Deltas continue to enrich my work.

graduate The University of Cincinnati’s School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning is renowned for its cooperative education program. This link to professional practice allowed me to mold my graduate experience based on the community design interests I had developed in preceding years, and focus my research into areas that continue to influence my day to day work.

undergraduate The program at Arizona State University formally introduced me to the field of architecture, and challenged me to actively view the world around me. Insightful professors and the backdrop of the desert framed my early studies, including a formative study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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