i am

Emily Roush Elliott and Richard Elliott

The world is so big and so small. Because of the sheer number of humans alive today and the lifestyles made possible by modern technology, we are like water molecules approaching boiling point – bumping into each other is unavoidable. This presents challenges, but also the opportunity for people of all ages and professions to globalize empathy, compassion and accountability. Architecture is one of countless platforms that can aid in the pursuit of this goal.

Brought to the Mississippi Delta through a Rose Enterprise Architectural Fellowship in 2013, I am the co-founder and director of the Delta Design Build Workshop in Greenwood, Mississippi. Our organization works at the intersection of market forces and public interest.

  • We value process as much as product.
  • We believe that waste is a social construct.
  • We prioritize a sensitive translation between unique local challenges and design in all of our projects.

Before coming to Greenwood, I began working in community led architecture in 2008. I have been fortunate to be involved in a variety of projects driven by local people and their needs over the last decade. The cumulative experience of observing a wide variety of cultures, view points, and outcomes provides guidance in my work, from first meeting a community and beginning to understand their needs, throughout construction, occupancy and evaluation.

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