sidewalks start

The construction of a sidewalk along one of the entryways into Baptist Town is an exciting ground breaking. Promises of projects in this neighborhood have existed for a long time, and I hope that residents are as happy to see some evidence of all the work that has been going on behind the scenes as I am.

This sidewalk (and street lights and trees soon to follow) will improve the appearance of the entries to the neighborhood, but more importantly they will provide a safe place to walk. Hopefully residents will feel more comfortable walking downtown, to school or to visit friends once they don’t have to walk in the street. The prospect of people saving money, burning calories and not using gasoline reminded me of a study a friend of mine did a few years ago that proposed a lifestyle independent of oil. One of her blog posts discussed the efficiency of walking and biking over driving:

As for biking and walking, they have no competition… Biking (calculating human calorie energy expended) is equivalent to 759,493.7 miles per gallon and walking (burning 100 calories an hour) is equivalent to 314,782.17 miles per gallon.  Biking is 19,230.8 times more efficient than driving your subcompact car and walking is 7,886.4 times more efficient.  Walking burns about 60 more calories per hour than biking making it less ‘energy efficinet’, but as my roommate pointed out looking at these numbers, when it comes to your own energy, suddenly energy expenditure looks like a good thing.  After all, its renewable 🙂 Eat a sandwich. 

miles per gallon comparison

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